Sunday, January 20, 2008

Eating Crow, or How I Got Snowed In at the Greene's

So, remember how I said I didn't think it would snow? Not even a little bit? Well, I was kind of wrong. It did snow. A little bit. Very little.

I'm thinking maybe half an inch. A solid quarter inch, definitely. But I had made plans to get "snowed in" at the Greenehouse before anything ever hit. We figured, if there was a chance that the snows would come, it would be more fun for me to get stuck at their house than it would be for me to get stuck at my house.

Don't get me wrong, I mean, I do have the Wii, and I had plenty of bread and milk to hold me through winter storm '08. But I just wouldn't have had all that fun that I would have hanging out with the four kids. The kids keep asking why I don't spend the night here all the time. I have my reasons.

So what did we do to pass the time and overcome cabin fever? Playstation 3, that's what. This morning we woke to clear roads and sunny skies. We had church, we had lunch, we napped while watching King Kong in high def. Good weekend.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Until then I'll be chilling at the Greenehouse watching The Amazing Race and playing a little Call of Duty. Good night everybody!

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