Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yesterday, when I was on my lunch break, I went to a restaurant called Rudino's. They had the TV in there on ESPN. So I sat and watched SportsCenter and then a little 1st and 10.

1st and 10 had guest commentator Donovan McNab and regular agitator Skip Bayless. As I was watching the show, I could almost hear my dad's voice yelling at the TV. Dad never did like Bayless. In fact, dad would always complain about the conversations he heard on most of these ESPN shows.

One of the topics of discussion asked the question: who's more dominant? Tom Brady or Tiger Woods? Again, it's like I could hear dad's voice. How do you compare Tom Brady with Tiger Woods? How can you claim which one is more dominant? One plays football, the other plays golf. If you want to compare them, then you need to pit them against each other. Have Tiger throw some passes, see if he could hit the receiver. Have Brady play a round of golf, see if he could get close to par. After that, you have plenty of room to compare. But until then, it's apples to oranges.

Now, if you're going by endorsements, I guess that's a different story. You don't see Tom Brady in too many ads do you? Or maybe I'm just not paying attention. I know Tiger does the Buick commercials. And he's got a video game named after him. Can Tom Brady say that? Who's dominant now?

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