Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Let Down

All week the fine meteorologists in the greater Raleigh area have been promising snow and/or ice. First they called for it on Thursday. They were calling for such bad weather, there was a question that we may not have teller training that day. You really can't get a lot of ice when the high is 47 degrees. So we got some much needed rain, but that's about it.

Thursday night, on the evening news, they promised several inches of accumulated snow on Saturday. Now, I've always argued that weather forecasters can't predict more than a few hours, maybe a full day at the most. So to claim 1-3 inches of snow two days in the future is pretty much a stretch. Today is Saturday, and no snow.

I've almost resigned myself to not expect any snow during my North Carolina years. I miss snow. I miss the kind of snow I saw annually in Bluefield. I miss wrapping myself up in layers of clothes and desperately trying to find my misplaced snow boots so I could go out and sled down the hill behind the dorm. Good times.

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  1. And you totally miss me pushing me in the snow. Admit it.