Tuesday, January 29, 2008

American Idol: Omaha

I did not post anything related to American Idol last week. My excuses are flimsy, but here they are. Tuesday I was at the Greene's watching the show with full intention of writing something when I got home. I planned to rewatch some parts with the miracle of the DVR. But my slightly less miraculous DVR did not record. This is a problem I've had before, and I'm sure I'll have it again. Wednesday... what was I doing Wednesday. I know I watched it. And I remember thinking that everyone who auditioned in South Carolina sucked. Maybe I was just so disappointed by what was on American Idol that night that I felt it needed no explanation from my point of view.

But I'm back tonight with Omaha's auditions. This is American Idol. Let's hope Omaha is better than Charleston.

Chris Bernheisel - 25; Since You Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson
Okay, when he talks, he sounds like he's about 14 or 15. And there's a lisp. My favorite quote from Chris - "This is the biggest life alternating change in my life..." Yeah, he said alternating. Not altering. Alternating. You know, like that part of the car that recharges your battery while the engine is running. Yeah, I want to use the term "tone deaf" to describe his singing style, but that may not be a strong enough phrase. Oh, and he did a handstand during the song. I think that's an original move. I don't remember Kelly Clarkson doing that in the video. And when Simon and Randy tell him he can't sing, he then wants to audition to be the red carpet guy at the finale. I can see this guy being the butt of Jay Leno's jokes on the Tonight Show.

Jason Rich - 21; When You Say Nothing At All, Keith Whitley
They're giving a backstory, which, these days, isn't a positive note. This farmhand gets one line out, and forgets the words. Then he starts over, and forgets the words again. Then he starts again, and gets two lines out this time. It's hard to judge someone who won't sing the song. He's not bad, but he doesn't really have anything special. And if he can't remember the lyrics for his tryout, how will he learn the songs in Hollywood? They let him through anyway. Man they're being nice to people this year. I'd have said no.

Next up is a montage of contestants that have no idea what the lyrics are to any of their songs. Wow, Omaha's looking pretty sad.

Rachael Wicker - 24; Don't Tell Me To Stop Loving You, LeeAnn Womack
Rachel's a tomboy who is arm wrestling people in the lobby. She takes out Seacrest, and wants to wrestle Simon. He declines the competition. So she begins singing. Not a bad country type voice. Too much yodeling going on. I'd say no. But she gets through. After she arm wrestles Paula.

Sarah Whitaker - 25; singing some nameless song she's making up
Sarah is a former wrestler who performed under the name "Lady Morgue." She's slightly disturbing to say the least. She's creepy looking and her voice matches her appearance. Get out of here. Seriously, what's up with Omaha? It's like the only people showing up to audition are the Children of the Corn.

Now Ryan and Paula are switching places.

Samantha Sidley - 22; Don't Know Why, Norah Jones
This is a good song for her voice. This is a girl I'd send to Hollywood. She definitely has potential.

Elizabeth Erkert - 19; I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Marvin Gaye
This kid has a very good voice. At this point we're kind of doing some quick auditions, just to show that Nebraska has some talent showing up.

Denise Jackson - 17
Incredibly strong voice, especially for someone her age.

Michael Sanfilippo - 19
4 in a row get through.

Angelica Puente - 17; The Power Of Love, Celine Dion
Her backstory is a pretty sad one. She's estranged from her parents and is living with her grandmother. She's wanting to make her dad proud. There seems to be some yodel to her voice as well. What's up with that? She's got an okay voice, but there's a lot of mimicry going on. They're sending her through, citing that she has a lot of potential. She just needs some more confidence.

David Cook - 24; Living On A Prayer, Bon Jovi
A Daughtry wannabe with hair. I can't say I like his audition. He's slowed down the tempo for this song a lot. I mean, he has a good voice. A lot of potential. Go ahead and send him to Hollywood. We'll figure out if he can cut it there.

Johnny Escamilla - 18; Shout, Otis Day and the Knights
Okay, when he's wearing a sparkling gold jacket, it's never a good sign. Shiny clothes act as a gimmick. As he sings, he seems to be convulsing. Almost like he's trying to tap dance his way through it, but not quite getting there. That was awful. Go back to Scott's Bluff kid.

Leo Marlowe - 23; A Song For You, Donnie Hathaway
Before the break when they showed the blurb of this guy, I just assumed he would suck. But this dude has a really good voice.

So, overall, Omaha wasn't horrible. Better than Charleston, that's for sure. 19 people went through though. That's fewer than Charleston. Weird. They must have really lowered standards in SC. Tomorrow night they'll be in Miami. For now, I'm off to take some Ny-Quil. I might stay up for the new episode of House, but I don't think I'll be conscious for the whole thing.

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