Friday, December 28, 2007

A Family Away From Family

Did anyone else have fun this week? 'Cause I sure did. See, a good friend, Jen, was in town from California to spend Christmas with her family. So I not only got to hang out with someone I see maybe once a year, but also felt like I was a part of a family here in good ol' Wake Forest.

Have you heard of or played the PS2 game SingStar? 'Cause it's awesome! I went over to the Greene-house after work last Saturday and was immediately engrossed in '80s karaoke competitions. I had to take a break while I went to Roanoke for Christmas, but then I came back and was introduced to the Pop and Rock versions of SingStar. Also awesome. Also, they got a PS3 for Christmas. So I was also introduced to Call of Duty 4.

Anyway, I want to thank the Hamiltons and Greenes for making me feel like part of the family while I'm here in school. Actually, there's no way I could really say thank you enough for all they've done since Dad passed away, and especially since I moved here. Okay, I'm gonna go catch up on some sleep kids. Good night everybody.

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