Monday, November 12, 2007

Spoiler Alert

Tonight I thought I would write a little something about How I Met Your Mother. This episode was pretty good, revolving around the revelation of flaws in each of the main characters and how that effects the way they look at each other.

For example, Lily points out to Robin that it's annoying how Ted always corrects people. She never noticed it during the time they were dating, but as she looked back, she realized Lily was right. Other spoiler alerts included Lily eating really loudly (even cotton candy), Marshall singing about whatever task he's performing, Robin saying the word "literally" all the time, and Barney using annoying catchphrases constantly. What was clever, was the sound of glass shattering every time the spoiler was revealed. What started this domino effect of spoilers? Ted was dating a girl who never shut up, but he just didn't see it... 'til Marshall pointed it out.

Has that ever happened to you? You're friends with someone, or dating someone, and you don't see any flaws. Then, all of a sudden, someone else points it out, and then that's all you notice. It's usually a deal breaker.

At the end, Ted mentioned that he ran into the girl again three years later. Here's the real spoiler alert from the episode. At least in my opinion. Would you assume that the main character of a show titled How I Met Your Mother would be married to that mother in three years (which will be year 5 of the show)? I would too. However, there was still no wedding ring. Hmmmm... Was that a mistake? Or is it deliberate? Now I have to wait 3 years to find out. Crap.

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