Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What I'm Tivoing This Season

Can the word Tivo be turned into a verb? I like to think so. Can it be used as such even though I don't have the Tivo brand? I like "Tivoing" better than "DVRing." Tivoing it is.

The new television season is upon us and the networks hit the ground running. Here's a run down of the things I'll be watching regularly this season. Maybe not always as they're airing, but at some point I'll catch up. You know, when I have free time... ha-yeah right.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - You can't go wrong with a show that tears down a house and puts a bigger, better, state-of-the-art house in its place in an hour (or two during sweeps). Plus those stories are a sure way to tug at the ol' heartstrings. You just keep moving that bus Ty.

The Simpsons - Sure the show is 20 years old (is that right, 20?). But it's still funny. No, I didn't see the movie this summer. I'm generally broke, so I'll wait for the DVD, which I'm sure will be hilarious. As far as I can tell, the show is still going strong. The fact that it has been on the air for 20 years says a lot about its writers. They're still able to make me laugh.

Desperate Housewives - This is a show that I haven't regularly watched until this season. Growing up I always had a crush on Teri Hatcher, so I have my reasons for watching. I recently caught up with the series on DVD through Netflix. It's funny and a little disturbing.

Family Guy - When the show first started, people complained that it was a pale knock-off of The Simpsons. These days, it seems that Family Guy has found it's own niche in pop culture. The opening episode of this season was a Star Wars spoof that had approval from George Lucas. While the show itself often crosses some strange lines, laughter abounds.

Chuck - This show is new this season, so I've only seen two episodes. Thus far, I think it's pretty good. Sure it has a totally unbelievable premise (a geek opens an e-mail and all of the government's secrets are imprinted in his brain), but it's good to see the nerd get the girl. I know that happens more and more on TV and in movies these days. But no matter how often I see it, it makes me feel like I've got a shot.

How I Met Your Mother - Funniest. Show. On TV. When the show first started I called it the new Friends. I stand by that. The chemistry between the five main players is great and it's one of very few sitcoms on TV these days that can actually make me laugh.

The Big Bang Theory - Okay, this one is new too. It seems to be a cute show, but really not great. I'll probably keep watching it, but that's mostly because between How I Met Your Mother and Heroes, I have nothing else. Plus, the possibility of the geek getting the girl again, nice.

Heroes - If you saw this show at all last season, then my reasoning needs no explanation.

Journeyman - When I first heard about this show, people described it as being a little like Quantum Leap. Growing up, Quantum Leap was one of my favorite shows. So far, this one is pretty good. Each episode is generally self-contained, but there's enough of an underlying mysterious subplot to keep me coming back each week.

Bones - Most people have the CSIs for their crime dramas. I like Bones. That's enough for me. And there's enough of that Moonlighting tension between the main characters to make you hope they'll get together at some point, but at the same time hoping they won't. 'Cause you know if they do, it'll screw up the chemistry and ruin the show. But for now, going strong.

House - This guy is slightly more sarcastic and cynical than me. While the medical drama part is interesting, Gregory House's banter just makes me laugh.

Deal or No Deal - 26 gorgeous women opening briefcases for an hour? Please.

Pushing Daisies - Okay, this show hasn't actually started yet, but it looks intriguing enough to give it a shot.

Bionic Woman - After seeing one episode, I'm interested to see where they're going to take their new spin on an old idea. I'm disappointed that they're not using the old sound effects for when she runs and jumps.

Private Practice - I like Grey's Anatomy. I like Addison Shepherd. Can she carry her own show? Time will tell. Thus far, I'm not that impressed, but I'll give it a shot.

Life - This guy (a police officer) was falsely convicted of some crime that I'm still not clear on. Pretty sure it was murder of some kind. See, he was sentenced to life in prison. Then he was exhonorated (I know I didn't spell that right, I'm just glad I could think of the right word). Now he's a free man, back on the force as a detective. Each week he and his partner will work on a case, and hopefully he'll get closer to solving his own.

Smallville - Ah, the adventures of Superman when he was a boy. They've gone in directions that I never would've gone in if I were in charge, but no one asked me. But the show is still entertaining. Plus they've introduced Supergirl this season. Good stuff.

Grey's Anatomy - Will the night time soap operas never end? They're so addictive.

The Office - Another show that I haven't been into in the past, but I've been watching the reruns and DVDs. Hilarious. I just have to keep watching.

Ghost Whisperer - Three words: Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Moonlight - I'm giving this a chance. For a few episodes anyway. The first episode didn't do a lot for me. See, I've been spoiled by how great Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were. And I got used to Joss Whedon's vampire mythology. You know, vampires turn to dust when they die by wooden stake, sunlight, the usual. This show tells us that sunlight makes them sick, but doesn't kill them. And wooden stakes do nothing. And he sleeps in a freezer. I don't get it. I know, this is all prejudice speaking. Like I said, I'll give it a shot. But my patience is thin.

Okay, that really is a lot of TV. I really do read a lot too. I have to, I'm a seminary student. Like I said, most of the time I'll be watching these shows after they've aired. It's nice to fast forward through the commercials.

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