Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tales from the Qwik Pack & Ship - Chapter 2

I like kids. I really do. I say that, of course, to preface a blog to complain about kids.

Parents, when you come into a packing/shipping store where you have to concentrate on filling out paperwork for several packages, don't bring your small children. Because at that point, while you're writing account numbers and addresses on forms, your children are roaming around unsupervised. While you're not paying attention, I am. I'm seeing them pull greeting cards out of the rack to look at the pictures. I'm seeing them go to the computer and mess with whatever happens to be open on the screen, whether that be the internet or a shipping program that kinda shouldn't be messed with. I'm seeing them walk over to the paper cutter (which has a child safety latch) and trying to play with that too. Now, they're not my kids, they're yours. I don't feel comfortable telling someone else's kid to stop doing something when the parent is standing right there and should have the presence of mind to say it themselves.

And on top of that, other customers may come in while your kids are running rampant through the store, thereby dividing my attention between you, the new customer, and your kids. I'm getting paid to divide my attention between the customers. I'm not getting paid to babysit your children while you get your business done.

Again, I do like children. But incidents like these just remind me how very not ready I am to have kids of my very own. Yet.

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