Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Part Time Working Man

I got a job!

Maybe I shouldn't have used the exclamation point. It's not as glamorous or exciting as all that piece of punctuation would suggest. I'm working for a little store called Quik Pack & Ship. Imagine the UPS Store, but we also ship things with FedEx, DHL, and the Postal Service.

One day as I was walking to class I noticed a flyer on the bulletin board. This place was seeking a seminary student for part time help. So I went by to inquire about this part time position. I introduced myself to Mike, the owner of this particular store, and he seemed to like me right away.

He said he likes to hire the seminary students because they seem to be more mature than younger folks. He really has a lot to learn about me. Anyway, he seems to be willing to work with my class schedule and the store hours leave plenty of time for me to study. Yeah, that's right, I said study.

I began work on Wednesday. I was really only there for two hours and all I did was get bombarded with information and "how tos." It was a lot to take in all at once. But it's really not that bad. I went in Thursday for some more information. By the end of those two hours, Mike was confident that I'd have no problem picking this up. Whatever you say Mike.

It really won't be hard work. But then again, it really won't be much pay or many hours. But it's a start. I'm definitely grateful for the opportunity to weigh packages and slap labels on them. That sounded sarcastic. But I really am.

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