Saturday, August 11, 2007

Moving Day

Today was the day that I moved out of my mother's house. Again.

I moved out once before. I was in college and decided I'd stop going "home" for anything but holidays when I was forced to leave Bluefield for no good reason. Except that it was the holidays.

And now, I've been living at mom's for the last seven months. Today I loaded up the truck.

The day began slightly before sunrise. Well, maybe not. I got up at 6:30. Why? Because the maternal unit wanted to have a yard sale to coincide with my departure. So I got up early to help carry things into the back yard from the basement. This was a whole four hours before I was even scheduled to pick up my moving truck.

Early day. Lots of work. 11am rolls around and I get the truck. Well, I let Mark drive the truck, 'cause I'm not good with the large vehicles. Then we loaded up with junk from storage. It was a hot time, let me tell ya.

A couple hours of that and we headed over to Mom's place. A few more hours of loading boxes and furniture and the deed was done.

You know, moving out of a place is a job of work. And it's only half done. Tomorrow comes the unloading in a new place. Awesome.

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