Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to School

Don't worry. I'm still alive out here. I've just been really busy for the last week or so. Also, I didn't have a regular internet connection. So what's been going on?

I moved in with the help of Mark, Brandon and Kara. I might owe them my firstborn, we'll have to hash out the details on that later. Sadly, they weren't able to stay long, so I was left on my own to unpack my numerous boxes. It's amazing how much stuff I've got. Stuff I didn't realize I had 'til I tried to fit it all into three rooms. I think it worked out all right though.

I did all the stuff I was supposed to do. You know, set up utilities in my name. All of which worked out right away. Except for cable and internet, which you can see took a week to get started up. Or, I should say, it took Time Warner a week to get someone out to my duplex to set it all up. But here I am, getting back onto the information super-highway.

Now let's talk about orientation/metriculation. I am fully aware that this process is necessary, but it really seemed kind of drawn out. Maybe it wasn't. Maybe I was just cranky because it was really hot and really humid and I was wearing a jacket and tie all day. I had to wear said jacket and tie for my photo ID, but you know what, all you see of my clothing in the ID is my collar. You can't even see the tie and you'd never know I was wearing the jacket. I was, I really was. I know because I was pouring sweat by the end of the day.

I'm taking a 12 hour load this semester. I almost went with 15, but the advisors advised the newbies, like myself, to only try 9 or 12 to start out. Here's the load: Old Testament, Hebrew, Theology, and Church History. It's really not too tough of a schedule. I've been a little intimidated by learning Biblical Hebrew, but I'm starting to think it won't be too bad either, as long as I devote enough study time to it. The best part of the schedule is that I'm done by 12:30 at the latest each day. Also, no classes on Mondays. We're looking at a long weekend folks. This will help when I find a job.

By the way, I'm looking for a job. If anyone has a suggestion, feel free to get in touch with me.

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