Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nineteen Seventy Something

I’ve been house-sitting for family this week. This has given me the opportunity to watch television, as opposed to strictly the DVDs I have access to in my bedroom at Mom’s place.

Today I watched some good ol’ Game Show Network, or GSN as they like to call themselves now. Like that’s a big difference. Anyway, if you’ve watched more than a half an hour on this network, you’ve noticed that they like to show programs that were taped in the mid to late ‘70s. And what a window into the American past this is.

Seeing what the average contestant wore in those days, is that actually what passed as attractive? A man on Card Sharks came out in a red leisure suit. Lookin’ sharp John! Also, he bragged about being an athlete. Nothing huge. Just a little thing called Roller Derby. If only I could Quantum Leap back in time and take his place for a few days.

All of the female contestants I’ve seen on these shows wore glasses. And not just eyeglasses as we know them in the 21st Century. We’re talkin’ full-on bay windows formed to fit the human head. Now, are smaller frames something that have been developed at some point in the last 20 years? Could people not have had their lenses cut a little smaller back in the day? If I remember correctly, even the spectacles worn by colonial patriots such as Benjamin Franklin were smaller than these. This tells me it must have been a fashion thing. But really? They could use those things as windows on the space shuttle.

What an exciting time the ‘70s must have been. I never really watched That ‘70s Show, only a few episodes here and there. Did they cover these issues? It seems they would be easily made fun of. Maybe it’s just me. I’ll have to ask my mom, she made it through the ‘70s.

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