Friday, July 13, 2007

Even a Muggle Would Like It

Tonight I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Now, it's been about three years since I read the book, so I was a little sketchy on the details. And that might actually be a good thing.

I was blown away by this movie. I laughed. I cried. It moved me, Bob.

Have you read the book? Have you seen the movie? If you said no to either of those questions, then be forewarned: spoilers abound.

Now that we've done away with the obligatory warning, I can actually talk about the movie. We open up with Harry during his summer holidays. He's depressed, as can be expected. I mean, for one thing, he's still living with his Muggle aunt and uncle and good-for-nothing cousin. Plus there's that little problem of You-Know-Who returning from oblivion and killing a fellow student before his eyes. Oh yeah, and no one believes Harry when he makes wild claims about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Turns out Harry and Dumbledore are being made to look the fool by the Ministry of Magic. Harry is also set up to use magic outside of school, which apparently is illegal. It seems that this was a ploy by the ministry to have him kicked out of school. You know, so he couldn't continue spreading lies about You-Know... you know what, screw it... Voldemort.

That ploy fails. Harry goes back to school and starts a rebellion against the ministry, which continues to change the rules as they go along. More laws, turning the school into a dictatorship, ultimately relieving Dumbledore of his position as Headmaster. Harry's little army eventually takes the battle to the Ministry of Magic, where Voldemort's forces lie in wait.

A battle erupts, Sirius (Harry's godfather) is killed, and Harry's emotional turmoil intensifies. You have to feel sorry for the kid. Once again, Harry faces down Voldemort and resists him. And since all this happened at the ministry, Harry and Dumbledore are granted a retraction on page 6 of the Daily Prophet. Good to know their names are cleared.

All in all, good times. Go see it.

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