Sunday, July 08, 2007

Brand New Information

This evening I went to my cousin's 3rd birthday party. And I learned a few things.

First, I learned that my sister is dating someone. Not only did I learn that she's dating someone, I learned that she's been dating him for a month. How was I not aware of this? Could it be a complete breakdown of communication in my family? Well, I would site one of the reasons for my parents' divorce as a lack of communication. Sadly, this appears to be a familial trait.

So I went 3rd degree on April. Who is this guy? What does he do for a living? How old is he? Pretty much anything I could think of on the spot. I figure, since Dad isn't here to ask these questions, someone should.

What else did I learn tonight? I learned that watching small children open a plethora of birthday gifts is not as fun as one may think. In fact, it was kind of boring. You know how you typically try to tear off wrapping paper as quickly as possible? Well, my cousin likes to tear off little bits at a time. Just a little here and there. And about 83% of her gifts were also shrink-wrapped. Upon discovering this she wanted to immediately unshrink-wrap them all. Leaving the other 20 gifts untouched. I guess this is just sign number 153 that I am not ready to have children of my own: Too impatient to outlast a birthday celebration.

Seriously though, how could I go a month and not find out that my sister has a boyfriend?

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