Monday, June 11, 2007

Trip to Charlotte, Book One

This past weekend I hopped in the old Escort and took a drive through scenic North Carolina to visit some friends in Charlotte. Andy and his fiancee Chrissy recently moved from Richmond when Andy was hired as the 6th grade minister for Forest Hills Church.

First things first... Let's talk about the traffic in and around the Charlotte area. On Friday afternoon around 3pm, I was sitting in my car. I wasn't making use of the gas pedal whatsoever. Any movement between mile markers 12 and 4 involved merely taking my foot, ever so gently, off the brake. This went on for an hour. AN HOUR!!! Seriously, what's going on in Charlotte that everyone is trying to get there at the same time? Shouldn't people be leaving town at the end of the work week? Was everyone visiting friends who recently moved there this weekend? I assumed it would just be me on the highway. My mistake. Moving on...

I arrived at Chrissy's apartment long after I should have (due to extreme traffic). And apparently, the round about is the next hot thing. 'Cause they're all over the place. Very European. Look kids, Big Ben... Parliament...

Andy also arrived at Chrissy's after he got done with work and we shared an impressive meal that can only be described as a taco skillet thing. Good stuff. Also, Chrissy had made cupcakes. Mmmmm... you're getting hungry too, aren't you?

The three of us spent the evening watching Night at the Museum. It was a decent movie. Not my top ten mind you, but I'll go with the thumbs up. Plus, it made us all want to go to a museum, but that'll be a story for another day.

After the movie ended, Andy and I drove to his apartment where we proceeded to watch Mission: Impossible III. Also a pretty good flick. Though Andy didn't make it all the way through. See, we were both pretty exhausted. Add that to the fact that we didn't even start the movie 'til midnight, well, it's a wonder I saw the whole thing. I guess the reason I finished it was because I was sleeping on the floor in the living room anyway, so I kept the TV on for a bit and then the story took a twist, so I had to finish. 2:30am I finally closed my eyes to sleep.

And if you think that was a long day, just wait 'til I tell you about Saturday. Stay tuned for "Trip to Charlotte, Book Two" coming soon to Blogger.

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