Saturday, June 02, 2007

Thrill Riding

You know what's fun? Riding roller coasters at Kings Dominion. You know what's not so much fun? Dragging around nine 6th graders while riding roller coasters at Kings Dominion.

I kid. It was fun. Mostly.

Last Wednesday I chaperoned a trip to Kings Dominion and was responsible for the well being of nine kids as they walked around the park. Here's my theory on amusement parks: ride as many rides as you can as often as possible.

When walking around with nine kids, you're constantly stopping. You're stopping for rip-off carnival games. You're stopping for ice cream and soda. You're stopping for bathroom breaks. You're stopping because no one can agree on what they want to ride next. "Can we ride Volcano now???" "Can we go on Drop Zone???"


So the day began at 5 something in the morning. The buses left at 6 something. We got to the park at 10 something. And then the real fun began. "We should go get on Volcano before there's a line!"

First of all, it's a Wednesday. In May. Logic dictates that the park will not be crowded. All the kids are still in school. Most of their parents are at work. We didn't wait in line for anything. It was awesome.

So ask me if I would chaperone this trip again. Go on, ask me. You know what my answer would be? Yes. Yes I would chaperone this trip again. Because I love riding roller coasters. And what makes them better is the fact that we rode them immediately. None of that 2 hour waiting in line crap.

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