Sunday, April 08, 2007

Trip to Nashville, Book 3: The Genghis Grill

This will be my final post regarding my latest trip to Nashville. I devote this issue to a little place known only as The Genghis Grill.

First of all, let me give out this advice: if you have a Genghis Grill in your area and have yet to try it, eat there as soon as you can. It's probably not the best restaurant I've ever eaten in, but it is an interesting experience.

Here's how it plays out: you get a bowl, pick your ingredients, and then give it to a cook. Yeah, it's that simple. How is that different than ordering from a menu? Well, you actually pick out the raw food. You walk up to a buffet style bar with all your meat choices, followed by your veggie choices, followed by your sauces, and then you choose rice or noodles.

Once you've done the hard part, you hand your bowl to the cook (who is not Mongolian, by the way). He (or she) then throws your food onto a very hot, very large ceramic wheel. And he (or she) cooks with sticks! I mean, long wooden sticks. Crazy, I know.

Everything's all cooked up, they hand back a larger bowl, and you walk back to your table. And then you have another choice to make: metal utensils or chopsticks. I went with the chopsticks. I have a theory about chopsticks (which I may or may not have heard from a comedian somewhere along the way). Americans, as a people, are fat. Why? We're eating with modified shovels. Asians, as a people, are slender. Why? They're eating with these two tiny sticks! I admire this. I can use chopsticks well enough to get by, but honestly... Have you ever tried to eat a bowl of rice with sticks? And this is a staple of an Asian diet.

So, new diet plan. Eat with sticks, not spoons. It'll sweep the globe like that Atkins thing or whatever they've got going on in South Beach.

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