Monday, April 23, 2007


While I was in Bluefield over the weekend, I was able to spend some time with a friend from the college years, Amy. Recently, she lost her father to cancer, so I know a bit of what she's going through. At least as far as losing a father at a young age goes.

She and I went to see Disturbia. Ten minutes into the film, we looked at each other feeling a complete sense of irony. See, ten minutes into the film, and I guess this would be considered a spoiler, the main character's father is killed in a car accident. Leave it to us, two people who have just lost fathers, to go see a movie where this issue is a key plot point.

Overall, I'll say that it was a good movie, the first scenes notwithstanding. From the previews you see that it's about a kid who is sentenced to three months of house arrest. In the movie, he spends his first few days playing X-Box and sleeping in. Man, I wanna be on house arrest. But wait, Mom breaks bad and informs her son that it's not a vacation. He's lucky she didn't go all Matrix on him, especially since his mom is Trinity.

Eventually he gets his act together and fights boredom by spying on the neighborhood. Soon enough, the movie takes a Hitchcockian turn when he thinks he's witnessed a kidnapping/murder perpetrated by his next-door neighbor. Suspense and thrills ensue. All in all, a decent scare and a good movie.

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