Monday, April 16, 2007

The Commonwealth Stopped...

Unless you were under a rock for the better part of April 16, 2007, you know that Virginia's largest university fell under the attack of a mad gunman.

I first heard the news when I left work this afternoon. I got off work around noon and listened to a CD when I started driving. I stopped and got some lunch, and felt compelled to switch to the radio. The DJ on Q99 threw it over to another DJ for "the latest news of the shooting at Virginia Tech."

Just hearing that, my mind went all kinds of ways. Fallout from the stuff with Morva last August? Another Columbine-like incident? It would turn out to be the latter. The man giving the news, Joey Self, reported that there had been 20 confirmed fatalities at that time. Twenty! I was blown away.

As soon as I got to the house I rushed in to turn on the television. Within minutes, the body count rose to 22. As the hours passed, the casualty list grew to 33 people. 32 people gunned down for reasons known only to the dead mass murderer.

I cannot comprehend what would drive someone to such a point where they feel they need to go on a rampage like that. I'm thankful that I can't comprehend it. Maybe that makes me a little bit more sane.

I urge anyone reading this to pray for the students, faculty, and staff of Virginia Tech, and their families. Pray for the town of Blacksburg. Pray for the law enforcement officials, emergency workers, doctors, and nurses. Pray for healing. Not only for the town and school, but for our nation as well. God help us indeed.

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