Monday, March 05, 2007

A Better Best Man

Not long ago, Brandon asked me to be a best man in his wedding. I say "a" best man because he's having two. Standing up there with the groom will be myself and mutual friend Mark.

So I asked Brandon, "If we were being listed in movie credits, who would be Best Man #1?"

He said not to make him choose. So it's between me and Mark. For awhile we had a back and forth competition to see who is the true Best Man #1. In Mark's column, he's known Brandon longer, they were roommates for 2 full years. For me, I live closer these days, we hang out a lot since we're both in town, we go to the same church, and I'm listed before him on his MySpace top 8. I think that says a lot right there.

All joking aside, I'm honored to be considered a best man. And I'm honored to be in the same category as Mark. So, raise your glasses... To the happy couple!

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